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We are excited to design and develop successful applications for Web, iPhone and for iPad.

With the exponential increase in the Mobile phone users, Mobile browsers are growing rapidly, thus the demand of websites for mobile devices. Pramarsh create the fully compatible websites for mobile so that our clients get more visibility and business.

With the growing number of consumers using smart phones and devices, it’s important to make sure your website can be accessed by potential customers using these devices. To get started, ask yourself a few questions about your website: Have you ever seen your website on a mobile device? Are you confident your customers can find the information they are looking for and make a purchase from your website on their handheld device? If your answer to all of these questions was not a resounding “Yes!,” then you need to read on.

While the Internet works essentially the same on mobile devices as it does on computers, you want to be sure the information on your website is easy to read and navigate.

A couple of things to think about when assigning styles for mobile devices is to keep it very simple. Mobile devices are still a bit slower, so you want to avoid using lots of images and graphics. In addition, there are varying screen sizes and resolutions with handheld devices, so it’s a good idea to scale page elements by screen size, rather than setting fixed pixel widths for page elements.